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Cushion Star Maritime Services Ltd charged with a passion, desire and commitment to serve all boat marine interest no matter the size of your fleet. Armed with the experience, expertise, professionalism, and the right tools, Cushion Star Maritime Services Ltd is set on ensuring that your vessel is fit for the sea.  We provide a host of Maritime services to fulfill your needs. Our staff are knowledgable and eager to navigate each process for you. Contact us today to get started. 

We are cognizant of the challenges associated with the maritime industry and have sought to provide practical solutions to some of those challenges. We are also aware of the time sensitive nature of the industry and aim to provide our services in a timely and efficient manner without compromising on quality. Through our timely and efficient service delivery, we have had a number of very satisfied clients.

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Document Agents

- Completion of documents for Registration and renewal of all vessels (yachts, fishing vessels, jet skis, all non-motorized vessels)

-Completing Coxswain application forms


- Provide guidance regarding the purchase and sale of vessels

- Liaise with/provide guidance regarding acquiring Deletion Certificates from previous flags (for vessels previously registered)

- Provides guidance/tips applicable to the registration/inspection of vessels

Underwater Hull Cleaning and Repairs

Our team of experts will repair and remove barnacles and other marine growth build up on the hull of your vessel. This will improve fuel efficiency and allow your vessel to run optimally.


93 Port Royal Street, Kingston, Jamaica W.I.


+1 (876) 837-5355




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  • The Shipping Act 1998 stipulates that all vessels operating in and around Jamaica waters must be registered and licence.
  • To be in compliance with the maritime laws of Jamaica your vessel must be registered be it a Jet Ski, Canoe, Yacht etc.
  • Vessels registered for private operations must not engaged in trade, commercial activities or for profit / gain. Private registration is for personal pleasure only.
  • Vessels registered for commercial operations are used for hire, charter, to gain revenue or to make a profit.
  • Yes you can! Once the vessel is registered, there is no restrictions to local or international voyages.
  • The Certificate of Registry is valid for six (6) years.
  • For Commercial Registration an inspection is required every year.
  • For Private Registration an inspection is required every two (2) years.
  • No, your boat can be anywhere in the world and still be registered under the Jamaican flag
  • If you are a non-Jamaican or do not have a company registered in Jamaica, you require the services of an authorized representative/agent to facilitate the registration of your vessel
  • Having insurance is always a precautionary measure in protecting your investment against any perils. However, the vessel can be registered without having an insurance as it not required.