Document Agents

  • Completion of documents for Registration and renewal of all vessels (yachts, fishing vessels, jet skis, all non-motorized vessels)
  • Completing Coxswain application forms

Vessel Management

  • Through our vessel management services, we provide our owners with support throughout the ownership or charter of the vessel. The service may include technical support, inspection services and crew support.

Vessel Survey

  • We offer a full range of surveying services to include Condition Survey for insurance and Valuation and Registration purposes. Some of our surveying services include in and out of water inspection, examining the hull, structural integrity and aesthetics of the vessel.


  • Provide guidance regarding the purchase of vessels
  • Liaisie with/provide guidance regarding acquiring Deletion Certificates from previous flags (for vessels previously registered)
  • Provides guidance/tips applicable to the registration/inspection of vessels

Fleet Management

  • Our fleet management services includes vessel maintenance, crew management, health and safety management. We assist our owners and charters to manage, minimize or remove operational risks associated with vessel operations, improving efficiency, productivity, reducing operational costs and achieving compliance with government regulations.

Vessel Inventory Management

  • Our vessel inventory management services include auditing and cross checking of parts, labelling, tagging of other vessel resources to include life vests, life buoys etc.

Underwater Hull Cleaning and Repairs

  • Our team of experts will repair and remove barnacles and other marine growth build up on the hull of your vessel. This will improve fuel efficiency and allow your vessel to run optimally.

Authorized Representatives

  • We act as authorized representatives for vessels certified under cabotage (Local Trade) in Jamaican waters as well as for foreign owned (non Jamaican entities) vessels registered under the Jamaican flag.

Courier /Logistics /Supplier Services

  • We offer courier and logistics services in Jamaica. We source, supply and deliver marine quality flags, flares, life buoys, SOLAS approved life vests, ropes, anchors, among several other marine necessities.